Would You Do Black and White in Bedroom?

Would You Do Black and White in Bedroom?

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100+ bedroom designs for you to choose from. The featured bedroom from house beautiful has ebony colored walls that adds a dramatic look. The white accents really adds a soft touch to this amazing bedroom.  What do you think of these bedrooms? Just click on the link below:

Would You Do Black and White in Bedroom?


  1. Posted by Suzanne Puma-Miller, at Reply
    Suzanne Puma-Miller

    yes love it!

  2. Posted by Cheri' L Tarvin, at Reply

    I have black and red in mine.

  3. Posted by Donna Moore Clifton, at Reply
    Donna Moore Clifton

    Mine is black and white.

  4. Posted by Mary Welsh, at Reply
    Mary Welsh

    I have mine in black and white.

  5. Posted by Charles Helen Smarowsky, at Reply
    Charles Helen Smarowsky


  6. Posted by Julie Debrey, at Reply
    Julie Debrey


  7. Posted by Marcia Haggstrom, at Reply
    Marcia Haggstrom

    I think it depends on the style of the house and your size of room.I would do a room.

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