What Would You Change in this Room?

What Would You Change in this Room?

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Dark Bedroom - What would you change about it?

Do you love this bedroom the way it is?  Or would you change it up a bit if you had a chance? Would you change the wall color?  Or the lighting? Different style of art?  Use the comment section below!


  1. Posted by Bonnie Gray, at Reply
    Bonnie Gray

    Love this

  2. Posted by Anita Graves, at Reply
    Anita Graves

    i would change nothing

  3. Posted by Marilyn Bourget, at Reply
    Marilyn Bourget

    How about this picture do you like it?????

  4. Posted by Anja Vaartjes, at Reply
    Anja Vaartjes


  5. Posted by Renee Antoinette Neal-Covington, at Reply
    Renee Antoinette Neal-Covington

    Nothing! Very Nice!!!

  6. Posted by Tonie Dupuis, at Reply
    Tonie Dupuis

    The wall color.

  7. Posted by Kellie Johnson, at Reply
    Kellie Johnson

    Nothing it’s perfect already <3

  8. Posted by Linda Maisey, at Reply
    Linda Maisey

    The address to mine!

  9. Posted by Desi Barbie, at Reply
    Desi Barbie

    the plant on the table 😛

  10. Posted by Jan Mardis, at Reply
    Jan Mardis

    Too many plants, and its not soothing to me, it looks boring.

  11. Posted by Michelle Seashellsbytheseashore, at Reply
    Michelle Seashellsbytheseashore

    Put in a salt water fish tank

  12. Posted by Flo Harris, at Reply
    Flo Harris

    Nothing, I love it

  13. Posted by Samia Disha, at Reply
    Samia Disha

    that’s nice

  14. Posted by Kathy Dueland, at Reply
    Kathy Dueland

    Wall color

  15. Posted by Sandie MacIsaac, at Reply
    Sandie MacIsaac

    the couch

  16. Posted by Tee Jay, at Reply
    Tee Jay

    Oh My.. not a thing at all!!! Rich and elegant this room is!

  17. Posted by Catherine Brown, at Reply
    Catherine Brown

    No its perfect!!!

  18. Posted by Kathy Brewer, at Reply
    Kathy Brewer


  19. Posted by Elizabeth Fraser, at Reply
    Elizabeth Fraser

    I agree with Kathy Dueland…The wall colour would be better if it was.in a lighter colour, maybe a sand or soft brown…

  20. Posted by Mj Bushman, at Reply
    Mj Bushman

    Wall color

  21. Posted by Mary Ann Boone, at Reply
    Mary Ann Boone

    Not one thing! It is beautiful!!

  22. Posted by Amanda Thomson McGregor, at Reply
    Amanda Thomson McGregor

    beautifull xx

  23. Posted by Connie Corley, at Reply
    Connie Corley

    Just a little bit Smaller plants on the end tables everything seems to to be a little big so something smaller on the end tables to add to the big. Other than that I love it..

  24. Posted by Maureen Heenan, at Reply
    Maureen Heenan

    The walls, they are so dark

  25. Posted by Ellen Kastner, at Reply
    Ellen Kastner


  26. Posted by Leslie Toppings, at Reply
    Leslie Toppings

    the rug

  27. Posted by Jones-Roberts Julie, at Reply
    Jones-Roberts Julie

    It’s nice but would like to see the wall color in maybe an eggplant color with a tinge of gold wash, or same wall color and add little metallic sheen to it echoing from the bed duvet and rug. Very elegant. Maybe a smaller and more refined love seat too. in deep plum with satin piping on the edges of the arms and cushions.

  28. Posted by Carol Pendergrass, at Reply
    Carol Pendergrass

    Wall color!

  29. Posted by Sandra Murphy, at Reply
    Sandra Murphy


  30. Posted by Mark Gledhill, at Reply
    Mark Gledhill

    That’s easy a naked woman on the bed xxx

  31. Posted by Brenda Jones-Henderson, at Reply
    Brenda Jones-Henderson


  32. Posted by Tiffany Luke-Starnes, at Reply
    Tiffany Luke-Starnes

    I need this in my room..love it..I’m with you SIS..elegant it is..

  33. Posted by Jasmine Hall, at Reply
    Jasmine Hall


  34. Posted by Janet Ryan Teets, at Reply
    Janet Ryan Teets

    The color of the walls

  35. Posted by Stephanie Knight, at Reply
    Stephanie Knight

    It’s very perfect.

  36. Posted by Denise Edwards, at Reply
    Denise Edwards

    The lamps. I think they could be a bit more elegant. Othat than that, it’s great as it.

  37. Posted by Thelma Louise, at Reply
    Thelma Louise


  38. Posted by Tina Kephart, at Reply
    Tina Kephart

    Nothing & I want one that looks like that!!!

  39. Posted by Celeste Amburn, at Reply
    Celeste Amburn


  40. Posted by Joanne Jannett Sturgeon, at Reply
    Joanne Jannett Sturgeon

    Wall color! Also would change up the fabric color of the love seat. Too much with the black coffee table in front of it, and it does not seem to do as much as it could. Love the black furniture, would change the love seat to a gold, perhaps trimmed in black (piping or accent pillows). Change the wall color to a muted gold, not too yellow, not too bright. A more masculine, rich, darker tone in keeping with the tone set here. Or if in love with the wall color, I would lighten up the ceramics on the shelves, gold or perhaps off white. Then change the loveseat to a muted metallic color from the carpet or the bedding but in a darker tone.

  41. Posted by Deanne DeVlugt, at Reply
    Deanne DeVlugt

    Wouldn’t have a sofa at the end of the bed with a table, I don’t think.

  42. Posted by Barbara Meehan, at Reply
    Barbara Meehan

    Cozy room, but couch should not be in front of bed.

  43. Posted by Dawn Kidd, at Reply
    Dawn Kidd

    The dark walls. They need to be lighter.

  44. Posted by Jenny Walters, at Reply
    Jenny Walters

    I love this, it’s so romantic! I think I’d keep the walls a lighter color though! :)

  45. Posted by Laurie Kempker-Crawford, at Reply
    Laurie Kempker-Crawford

    I would put me in it!

  46. Posted by Gail Lott, at Reply
    Gail Lott

    wall color

  47. Posted by Jennifer Reed, at Reply
    Jennifer Reed

    its all too dark

  48. Posted by Audrey Mcintyre, at Reply
    Audrey Mcintyre

    nothing i like it

  49. Posted by Rose Kay, at Reply
    Rose Kay


  50. Posted by Juanita Gaines, at Reply
    Juanita Gaines

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

  51. Posted by Karen Hague, at Reply
    Karen Hague

    Not a thing – love it.

  52. Posted by Lyn Corsham, at Reply
    Lyn Corsham

    its a show room not a bedroom

  53. Posted by Mimi Merritt, at Reply
    Mimi Merritt

    Absolutely nothing!

  54. Posted by Auntie Inezzy Cottman, at Reply
    Auntie Inezzy Cottman

    only the size of this end table is 2, big” same color, different size” love it all”

  55. Posted by Merinda Gieske, at Reply

    Too Dark–I would like to see something done with “dark dusty pink” walls. And use other shades of pink to accent.

  56. Posted by Christine Mochty, at Reply
    Christine Mochty


  57. Posted by Shirley Mullen-White, at Reply
    Shirley Mullen-White

    Too coachy.

  58. Posted by Shelly Swanby, at Reply
    Shelly Swanby

    I would put me in it.

  59. Posted by Edie Black, at Reply
    Edie Black


  60. Posted by Lynda Mills Mckinstry, at Reply
    Lynda Mills Mckinstry

    Too much black…

  61. Posted by Leetha Wicks, at Reply
    Leetha Wicks

    the lamps, I use more of a modern style pair

  62. Posted by Marilyn Filewich, at Reply

    Hardwood floors….otherwise it is absolutely elegant and rich looking, really like it

  63. Posted by Margie Kerbeck, at Reply

    Not a big fan of sofas and tables at the end of a bed. A bench for storage is nice, but unless you have a huge room, the chairs and table would get in the way. Put one chair, a small table and a light in a corner for a reading nook. Feels like the latest “must have” decorator trend that will soon fade away……………..

  64. Posted by K, at Reply

    Beautiful room to look at but if I were to use this room I would not have quite as many pillows on the bed. Also, to be functional bedside tables you need room to set reading material, a drink, reading glasses, phone, and an alarm clock, if needed and the table on the right has no room. Ok if just one person using bed. :)

  65. Posted by Kelly, at Reply

    I would change one of the lamps to much matching , I would make I one picture over the bed not two . Remove the plants from one end table and the plant on the coffee table. Where all the Vases are I may remove one and layer three books laying down or in book ends , the room is beautiful but you did ask!

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