What Do You Rate This Kitchen Out of 10?

What Do You Rate This Kitchen Out of 10?

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This home featured by studio 212 interiors is a stunner. The big windows let you check out the stunning scenery as you cook in this luxury kitchen. White cabinets give it a fresh look with the hardwood and  kitchen island chairs in the wood tone as well. What do you rate this?


What Do You Rate This Kitchen Out of 10?


  1. Posted by Amanda Wrigley, at Reply
    Amanda Wrigley

    10! Just beautiful.

  2. Posted by Margaret Lennon Arcate, at Reply
    Margaret Lennon Arcate

    8. I’d need a little more color.

  3. Posted by Wendy Peroni, at Reply
    Wendy Peroni

    5. Good bones but totally washed out.

  4. Posted by Alicia Rodriguez, at Reply
    Alicia Rodriguez


  5. Posted by Anne Soliz, at Reply
    Anne Soliz

    An 8

  6. Posted by Fiona MacLeod, at Reply
    Fiona MacLeod


  7. Posted by Bertha Lund, at Reply
    Bertha Lund


  8. Posted by Geri Muscat Palamara, at Reply
    Geri Muscat Palamara


  9. Posted by Jeannie Hutchinson, at Reply
    Jeannie Hutchinson


  10. Posted by Susanne French, at Reply
    Susanne French


  11. Posted by Idalia Matos, at Reply
    Idalia Matos


  12. Posted by Idalia Matos, at Reply
    Idalia Matos


  13. Posted by Norma Love Keith, at Reply
    Norma Love Keith


  14. Posted by Patsy Malone Bentley-whalen, at Reply
    Patsy Malone Bentley-whalen

    9 , almost a ten

  15. Posted by Lowy Iledan, at Reply
    Lowy Iledan


  16. Posted by Paula Myerhoff, at Reply
    Paula Myerhoff

    Over all 11 , needs some color 🙂 Love it !!

  17. Posted by Ruthie Pardue, at Reply
    Ruthie Pardue

    I love the white kitchen 10

  18. Posted by Linda Silver McCoy, at Reply
    Linda Silver McCoy


  19. Posted by Yummybear Thiessen, at Reply
    Yummybear Thiessen


  20. Posted by Robbie Linda Gunter, at Reply
    Robbie Linda Gunter


  21. Posted by Mary Lou Uhlman-Berish, at Reply
    Mary Lou Uhlman-Berish

    Love it!

  22. Posted by Tammy Hart-Varnadore, at Reply
    Tammy Hart-Varnadore

    100! Scores very high in my opinion!

  23. Posted by Yvonne Williams Stroup, at Reply
    Yvonne Williams Stroup

    20 because of the view.

  24. Posted by Elaine Molyneux, at Reply
    Elaine Molyneux

    A bit bare for my taste but the view – wow!!!

  25. Posted by Janice Clemmer Heathman, at Reply
    Janice Clemmer Heathman


  26. Posted by Eva Darlene Hensley, at Reply
    Eva Darlene Hensley


  27. Posted by Helena Burns, at Reply
    Helena Burns


  28. Posted by Joanie Thompson, at Reply
    Joanie Thompson


  29. Posted by Parri Newlin Garcia, at Reply
    Parri Newlin Garcia


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