New Home with Old World Style (10 Photos)

New Home with Old World Style (10 Photos)

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This living room has old world charm, starting with the arched wood beams that are painted white to give a Mediterranean feel to start with, and the arches continue into the doorways with great windows. The strong contrasting black chandeliers also seem like period pieces.  The rest of the decor is soft and inviting with gentle earth tones.  Check out all the pictures from Coastal Living at the link below:

New Home with Old World Style


  1. Posted by Drema Ramella, at Reply
    Drema Ramella


  2. Posted by Cathy Mattingly, at Reply
    Cathy Mattingly

    I want to move in NOW!!

  3. Posted by Heather Anne Lee, at Reply
    Heather Anne Lee


  4. Posted by Susan Cali Balogh, at Reply
    Susan Cali Balogh


  5. Posted by Florence Cranek Wesselski, at Reply
    Florence Cranek Wesselski

    I could live in just this one room. Beautiful!

  6. Posted by Tet Tomacruz Thomas, at Reply
    Tet Tomacruz Thomas

    my style!

  7. Posted by Virginia Canady, at Reply
    Virginia Canady

    Would some buy a house like that

  8. Posted by Debbie King Lowry, at Reply
    Debbie King Lowry


  9. Posted by Cristi A. Durfee Herron, at Reply
    Cristi A. Durfee Herron

    Love the feel of this room!

  10. Posted by Tania Van Den Heuvel, at Reply
    Tania Van Den Heuvel

    Love it!!!!

  11. Posted by Fawn Duncan, at Reply
    Fawn Duncan

    Love this look !!!!!!

  12. Posted by Josephine LoRe, at Reply
    Josephine LoRe

    We had windows like this growing up in our old house, seeing them here in this home makes that architecture so much more appealing!! beautiful.

  13. Posted by Debbie Braae, at Reply
    Debbie Braae


  14. Posted by Valerie Sturt, at Reply
    Valerie Sturt

    Love it,would love a house like that.!!!!!!.

  15. Posted by Suzee Jackson, at Reply
    Suzee Jackson

    Is this your new house?

  16. Posted by Doris Johnson, at Reply
    Doris Johnson

    I like the windows

  17. Posted by Barb Timme, at Reply
    Barb Timme

    I love this

  18. Posted by Carol Sutcliffe, at Reply
    Carol Sutcliffe

    Love it

  19. Posted by Drema Ramella, at Reply
    Drema Ramella

    I love love this!!!!!

  20. Posted by Ann Williams Rose, at Reply
    Ann Williams Rose

    Love it!

  21. Posted by Tania Van Den Heuvel, at Reply
    Tania Van Den Heuvel


  22. Posted by Kerri Mackenzie, at Reply
    Kerri Mackenzie

    Luv it!!!!

  23. Posted by Janet Banks, at Reply
    Janet Banks

    wow love those windows!

  24. Posted by Marilyn Gomez, at Reply
    Marilyn Gomez

    wish it was mine

  25. Posted by Joyce Obre, at Reply
    Joyce Obre

    I could live here!!!!!

  26. Posted by Joyce Obre, at Reply
    Joyce Obre


  27. Posted by Angela Binford, at Reply
    Angela Binford

    Beautiful home!

  28. Posted by Angela Binford, at Reply
    Angela Binford

    Love the soft earthy colors!

  29. Posted by Paula Diluzio, at Reply
    Paula Diluzio


  30. Posted by Darlene Gillett, at Reply
    Darlene Gillett

    love the table

  31. Posted by Amy Hunt Jenkins, at Reply
    Amy Hunt Jenkins

    Love this house!! I have been inside and it’s even more beautiful!!

  32. Posted by Heather Mcdonald, at Reply
    Heather Mcdonald


  33. Posted by Yummybear Thiessen, at Reply
    Yummybear Thiessen

    Love this

  34. Posted by Diane Prieto, at Reply
    Diane Prieto

    pretty, but dont like the windows in brown

  35. Posted by Margie Evans, at Reply
    Margie Evans

    I want those chairs at Ssi. They are expensive, however.

  36. Posted by Heather Tuft, at Reply
    Heather Tuft

    I love those chairs. Overstock has them every now and then!

  37. Posted by Marty Sherman, at Reply
    Marty Sherman


  38. Posted by Donna Huff, at Reply
    Donna Huff

    Very pretty!!

  39. Posted by Myra Lacson, at Reply
    Myra Lacson


  40. Posted by Kay Lizarraga, at Reply
    Kay Lizarraga

    Love the rate architecture of the room.

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