Modern, Earthy Bathroom Design

Modern, Earthy Bathroom Design

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Susan Fredman shows us a collection of favorite bedroom and bathroom designs. I love the bathroom that is featured in the above photo. Giving a spa like feeling to this earthy, modern bathroom. The dark and light woods mixed together with the tile in the shower area flows nicely together. The baskets add a nice touch and add as extra storage. The double sinks is an added bonus for a family.

Bath – Fredman Design Group


  1. Posted by Sherry Cote, at Reply
    Sherry Cote

    Just don’t like the shower (or tub for that matter) facing the toilet šŸ˜‰

  2. Posted by Tracy Lynn Harris Watkins, at Reply
    Tracy Lynn Harris Watkins

    Love the shower and the storage.

  3. Posted by Sherry Cote, at Reply
    Sherry Cote

    Yes, LOVE the shower & storage, as well as the counter … beautiful wood!

  4. Posted by Sue Grover Roberson, at Reply
    Sue Grover Roberson

    You can come and redneck my bathroom anytime . I have plenty of room to do this

  5. Posted by Lina Kennedy, at Reply
    Lina Kennedy

    omg I love this bathroom

  6. Posted by Gladys Bonet, at Reply
    Gladys Bonet

    Gorgeous hey Freddy look just like your

  7. Posted by Casey-Linda Malone, at Reply
    Casey-Linda Malone

    Bob should do this for you! Casey

  8. Posted by Carisa Rucker, at Reply
    Carisa Rucker

    Yes yes

  9. Posted by Angie Battaglieri Fick, at Reply
    Angie Battaglieri Fick


  10. Posted by Rebecca Lou Feetham, at Reply
    Rebecca Lou Feetham

    Oh I love the counter and sinks …awesome…

  11. Posted by Rose Coombes, at Reply
    Rose Coombes

    elegant luv it

  12. Posted by Patty Wiltse-Jackett, at Reply
    Patty Wiltse-Jackett

    That is one huge bathroom!!

  13. Posted by Kay Lizarraga, at Reply
    Kay Lizarraga

    Too dark.

  14. Posted by Georgiana Sorensen, at Reply
    Georgiana Sorensen

    can you imagin how big it would look with lighter colors????

  15. Posted by Kerri Mackenzie, at Reply
    Kerri Mackenzie

    Does it come with a maid? šŸ™‚

  16. Posted by Caroline Cooper, at Reply
    Caroline Cooper

    Wow, the perfect bathroom!

  17. Posted by Elaine Molyneux, at Reply
    Elaine Molyneux

    Now this fabulous!

  18. Posted by Elaine Molyneux, at Reply
    Elaine Molyneux

    Now this fabulous!

  19. Posted by Ana Oliveira, at Reply
    Ana Oliveira

    Simplesmente maravilhoso um sonho

  20. Posted by Idalia Matos, at Reply
    Idalia Matos

    love it

  21. Posted by Sandra Proude, at Reply
    Sandra Proude

    Well too bad its bigger than my entire house šŸ™‚

  22. Posted by Gloria Vicente, at Reply
    Gloria Vicente


  23. Posted by Tiffany O'Neill, at Reply
    Tiffany O

    Yes please. John Price.

  24. Posted by Orquidea Brook PeƱaloza, at Reply
    Orquidea Brook PeƱaloza

    O.O wow

  25. Posted by Orquidea Brook PeƱaloza, at Reply
    Orquidea Brook PeƱaloza

    heaven is that you lol

  26. Posted by Sandra Snadden, at Reply
    Sandra Snadden

    Love it!!

  27. Posted by Karen Hanyon, at Reply
    Karen Hanyon

    Love it, love it

  28. Posted by Erin Smith Di Palma, at Reply
    Erin Smith Di Palma

    Thats what my new floors look like sash Michelle Vienneau

  29. Posted by Staci L Rosel, at Reply
    Staci L Rosel

    Yes please.

  30. Posted by Diana Quental-Raposo, at Reply
    Diana Quental-Raposo

    A dream come true:)

  31. Posted by Jenny Payne, at Reply
    Jenny Payne

    I might be able to fit my house in it!

  32. Posted by Elaine Molyneux, at Reply
    Elaine Molyneux

    Wow! Love the dark tones

  33. Posted by Sophie Warner, at Reply
    Sophie Warner

    Love this Ben Marshall

  34. Posted by Stephany Bailey, at Reply
    Stephany Bailey

    Holy smokes that is gorgeous!

  35. Posted by Marilyn Gomez, at Reply
    Marilyn Gomez

    I wan this as well

  36. Posted by Tracy Elkins, at Reply
    Tracy Elkins

    Love ā¤ļø

  37. Posted by Rebecca Sampson, at Reply
    Rebecca Sampson

    Sorry, don’t care for it; it is over the top in size and too masculine! I would prefer something smaller, with a large clawfoot tub and real double sinks, and what is that thing sitting under the mirror, and I won’t tell you what I think it is!

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