Like This Waterfall & Fireplace Backyard? 10+ Pictures

Like This Waterfall & Fireplace Backyard? 10+ Pictures

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I love this backyard with the fireplace, the waterfall and koi pond and all the landscaping so here is the link to 10  pictures of this yard so you can see more of it.  I also recommend looking around at some of the other projects from this landscaping company because they do amazing work!

Surrounds Landscape Architecture – Waterfall & Fireplace backyard


  1. Posted by Andrea Bell, at Reply
    Andrea Bell

    Saweet! Can’t wait for a patio

  2. Posted by Ruby Annette Stoy, at Reply
    Ruby Annette Stoy


  3. Posted by Connie Corley, at Reply
    Connie Corley

    Love it

  4. Posted by Angela Witter, at Reply
    Angela Witter

    Who wouldn’t want this to relax by

  5. Posted by Robin Tatroe, at Reply
    Robin Tatroe

    this would be sweet!!!!

  6. Posted by Gussie Mamere, at Reply
    Gussie Mamere

    Awesome backyard wish I had something like it…

  7. Posted by Sandy Guerriero, at Reply
    Sandy Guerriero

    I could deal with this

  8. Posted by Auntie Inezzy Cottman, at Reply
    Auntie Inezzy Cottman

    Hell” yes. a serene paradise right @ home”

  9. Posted by Cathy Mattingly, at Reply
    Cathy Mattingly

    I want to be there now. It’s prettier than gray skies, freezing rain, and cold.

  10. Posted by Kathy Anne Smith, at Reply
    Kathy Anne Smith

    That is a dream !!!!!

  11. Posted by Diana Kowalevsky, at Reply
    Diana Kowalevsky

    Wow that would be incredible…….Just trying to design my outdoor kitchen is complex enough!

  12. Posted by Judy Smith Perryman, at Reply
    Judy Smith Perryman


  13. Posted by Rachel Taylor DeSimone, at Reply
    Rachel Taylor DeSimone

    Johnny DeSimone

  14. Posted by Denise Mcdonald, at Reply
    Denise Mcdonald

    Would love to be there even betterhave this in my yard

  15. Posted by Lawanda White, at Reply
    Lawanda White

    really nice!

  16. Posted by Mai Chee Vue, at Reply
    Mai Chee Vue

    Wish this is my backyard. BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Posted by Nancy Paulsen, at Reply
    Nancy Paulsen

    I love this!!! Beautiful!!!

  18. Posted by Mira Elmann, at Reply
    Mira Elmann

    Magnificent idea!

  19. Posted by Deanna Behuniak, at Reply
    Deanna Behuniak

    love it…

  20. Posted by Cindy Papproth, at Reply
    Cindy Papproth


  21. Posted by Dawn Kidd, at Reply
    Dawn Kidd


  22. Posted by Sheila Y. Taylor, at Reply
    Sheila Y. Taylor

    Waterfalls any day!

  23. Posted by Scott Wagner, at Reply
    Scott Wagner

    I can’t wait to enjoy that!!!

  24. Posted by Christa Coetzee, at Reply
    Christa Coetzee

    gorgeous!! wish

  25. Posted by Nathalie Comtois, at Reply
    Nathalie Comtois

    superbe vraiment

  26. Posted by Julie Ann Hamilton, at Reply
    Julie Ann Hamilton


  27. Posted by Marilyn Gomez, at Reply
    Marilyn Gomez

    it’s not, but too much to maintain. I am foerced to live off of $100 per a week. I can rleax there.

  28. Posted by Fabiana Marzano, at Reply
    Fabiana Marzano

    I think we should have this when we get our homes Jessica Arci

  29. Posted by Barb Carey, at Reply
    Barb Carey


  30. Posted by Elvie Verge, at Reply
    Elvie Verge

    This is gorgeous, wish list lol.

  31. Posted by Angie Battaglieri Fick, at Reply
    Angie Battaglieri Fick

    Love it

  32. Posted by RosaLba Alvarez, at Reply
    RosaLba Alvarez

    Beautiful !!

  33. Posted by Fawn Duncan, at Reply
    Fawn Duncan

    This is Gorgeous- Paradise!!!! Love it

  34. Posted by Heather Anne Jackson, at Reply
    Heather Anne Jackson


  35. Posted by Auntie Inezzy Cottman, at Reply
    Auntie Inezzy Cottman

    supernova, awesome, place with grand natural light, & plenty of surround oxygen, fit 4, a few choice friend’s 2, entertain” in my backyard oasis” only seafood wud b, enjoyed here it’s a grand landscape”

  36. Posted by Milly Barros, at Reply
    Milly Barros

    Beautiful !!

  37. Posted by Remedios Spencer, at Reply
    Remedios Spencer

    Awesome:) my dream!!!!

  38. Posted by Sandra Davis, at Reply
    Sandra Davis

    Loos so relaxing!

  39. Posted by Delores Ballard, at Reply
    Delores Ballard

    This would fit prefect in CS home.

  40. Posted by Kath McMinn, at Reply
    Kath McMinn


  41. Posted by Chiquita Bello, at Reply
    Chiquita Bello

    Gio and Shana Look

  42. Posted by Jean Lowe, at Reply
    Jean Lowe


  43. Posted by Dottie Hitchens, at Reply
    Dottie Hitchens


  44. Posted by Cynthia A. Nelson, at Reply
    Cynthia A. Nelson


  45. Posted by Susan Helin, at Reply
    Susan Helin

    I want this!!!

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