Love Italian Design?

Love Italian Design?

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Italian style eye catching rooms are sure to give you a taste of Tuscan style and make you feel like your in Italy featured by HGTV. This luxury kitchen design is warm and inviting with its terra-cotta flooring and rustic sage cabinetry giving a comfortable feel.  I love the look of Italian style designs and you can see some great photos in this gallery. Very inspiring I would say!

Amazing Italian Style Kitchen Design


  1. Posted by Christine Stotts, at Reply
    Christine Stotts

    I love this kitchen.

  2. Posted by Aisling Nì Dhuinn, at Reply
    Aisling Nì Dhuinn

    Angela McConway

  3. Posted by Linda Smith, at Reply
    Linda Smith

    Warm n inviting.

  4. Posted by D'Ann DeLap, at Reply

    Yowza! Can I have one, please??

  5. Posted by Joyce Obre, at Reply
    Joyce Obre


  6. Posted by Burma Evans Medley, at Reply
    Burma Evans Medley


  7. Posted by Barbara McGranahan, at Reply
    Barbara McGranahan

    So beautiful!

  8. Posted by Marie Altamirano, at Reply
    Marie Altamirano

    Delia Vasquez

  9. Posted by Heather Anne Jackson, at Reply
    Heather Anne Jackson


  10. Posted by Nancy Paulsen, at Reply
    Nancy Paulsen


  11. Posted by Lynda Johnstone, at Reply
    Lynda Johnstone


  12. Posted by Rachael N Karl, at Reply
    Rachael N Karl

    Okay I love this…..

  13. Posted by Darlene Coin-Crews, at Reply
    Darlene Coin-Crews

    Not crazy about the brick over head.

  14. Posted by Allene Rohacek-bouse Williams, at Reply
    Allene Rohacek-bouse Williams

    somethings I like some I don’t

  15. Posted by Joyce Prahl Parry, at Reply
    Joyce Prahl Parry

    Natural, stained wood would be better for my liking!

  16. Posted by Joann Craig, at Reply
    Joann Craig

    Love this

  17. Posted by Margaret Lennon Arcate, at Reply
    Margaret Lennon Arcate


  18. Posted by Tiffany Estes, at Reply
    Tiffany Estes

    Love this!

  19. Posted by Valerie Hernandez, at Reply
    Valerie Hernandez

    You need a big kitchen like this Jessica Snider Dominguez

  20. Posted by Laural Jefferies, at Reply
    Laural Jefferies

    Oh whow stunning kitchen love the copper pans too!!!

  21. Posted by Stine Kopf, at Reply
    Stine Kopf


  22. Posted by Janet Domasiewicz, at Reply
    Janet Domasiewicz

    <3 it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Posted by Helene O'Connor, at Reply
    Helene O

    so when i get that your invited loll (its really nice)

  24. Posted by Chiquita Bello, at Reply
    Chiquita Bello

    Halloween Kitchen nice

  25. Posted by Chiquita Bello, at Reply
    Chiquita Bello

    Halloween Kitchen nice

  26. Posted by Vanessa M Brewer, at Reply
    Vanessa M Brewer


  27. Posted by Vanessa M Brewer, at Reply
    Vanessa M Brewer


  28. Posted by Sandra Howard, at Reply
    Sandra Howard

    IT’S Beautiful.

  29. Posted by Sandra Howard, at Reply
    Sandra Howard

    IT’S Beautiful.

  30. Posted by Cheryl Sparks, at Reply
    Cheryl Sparks

    I love it!

  31. Posted by Marta Torres, at Reply
    Marta Torres

    muy original y harmonica, linda cocina, invitadora y muy calida

  32. Posted by Deana Byrum Skelton, at Reply
    Deana Byrum Skelton


  33. Posted by Debra Ann E, at Reply
    Debra Ann E

    Nice, I would have a few more suggestions for island top other than wood.

  34. Posted by Barb Tilden, at Reply
    Barb Tilden

    Very cozy

  35. Posted by Lisa Colon, at Reply
    Lisa Colon

    Wow pretty I like a big kitchen..

  36. Posted by Barbara Zimmerli, at Reply
    Barbara Zimmerli

    love this

  37. Posted by Trish Jester, at Reply
    Trish Jester

    Darla McKee Jackson this is me!!!

  38. Posted by Norma Love Keith, at Reply
    Norma Love Keith


  39. Posted by Kim J. Osorio, at Reply
    Kim J. Osorio

    This is the kitchen of my dreams

  40. Posted by Leslie Puglia, at Reply
    Leslie Puglia

    Love, Love, love. Oh, the ceiling!

  41. Posted by Shelley Boorsma, at Reply
    Shelley Boorsma

    Love that kitchen

  42. Posted by Veronica Coppola-Guarente, at Reply
    Veronica Coppola-Guarente


  43. Posted by Alicia Rodriguez, at Reply
    Alicia Rodriguez

    Mm love it

  44. Posted by Buffie Espinoza, at Reply
    Buffie Espinoza

    Dream kitchen

  45. Posted by Tammy Holmquist, at Reply
    Tammy Holmquist

    So pretty

  46. Posted by Cindy McGuire Reeves, at Reply
    Cindy McGuire Reeves

    Wow beautiful

  47. Posted by Ruthie Pardue, at Reply
    Ruthie Pardue


  48. Posted by Bonny Markham, at Reply
    Bonny Markham

    Love this beautiful

  49. Posted by Pilar Sykowski, at Reply
    Pilar Sykowski

    Gorgeous! …that ceiling!! Feels so homey! So me!

  50. Posted by Dee Quinn Harris, at Reply
    Dee Quinn Harris

    Andrew Harris love

  51. Posted by Diane Rone, at Reply
    Diane Rone

    Love it!!

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