Do You Like This Bathroom?

Imagine relaxing in this bathtub featured by with the water fall faucet pouring warm water for you to soak in. Peaceful and relaxing are two words that come to my mind. Put the fireplace on to add some warmth and a touch of romance for added relaxation.   Do[…]

Like grey bathrooms?

If you are designing a bathroom, then you will want to check these out from with the grey. Slate is a material you may want to use as it comes in many colors and looks like natural stone which many people love. Check out these beautiful grey bathrooms. Grey[…]

Beautiful or Boring?

I really like looking at different bathrooms and this one I thought was neat from The sink is quite unique but nice and I absolutely love the tile. But it is a lot of tile. It is nice and fresh looking and give’s it that spa feeling. Not sure[…]

Imagine This Master Bath?

Schlauch Bottcher Construction built this masterpiece of a place situated in Big Sky, Montana. Imagine stepping foot into this luxurious spa like bathroom which is the master bath. The stone stairs may be a bit tricky to get into the tub. But the natural elements all around while sitting in[…]

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