Before and After Living Room And Media Room Redecorating

Before and After Living Room And Media Room Redecorating

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Need some ideas for your living room or media room? Here is a gallery of 14 photos to point you in the right direction. Warm, cozy fireplaces have been updated and are the focal point for a few of these rooms. Updated paint color for the walls, new furniture or just a new arrangement around the room creates a different feel and makes it feel brand new.

Before and After Living Room And Media Room Redecorating


  1. Posted by Heather Anne Lee, at Reply
    Heather Anne Lee


  2. Posted by Linda Marshall Shaw, at Reply
    Linda Marshall Shaw

    like this idea.if the room is long you can use two forms of coffe tables.push couch back.

  3. Posted by Amy Midgett Frampton, at Reply
    Amy Midgett Frampton


  4. Posted by Marilyn Gomez, at Reply
    Marilyn Gomez

    this is nice and I would not mind this. I saw some lovely brownstones this past weekend and town houses and this will look really nice

  5. Posted by Myesha Wilson, at Reply
    Myesha Wilson


  6. Posted by Ruby Annette Stoy, at Reply
    Ruby Annette Stoy


  7. Posted by Mira Elmann, at Reply
    Mira Elmann

    classy very warm atmosphere

  8. Posted by Darla Hudson, at Reply
    Darla Hudson

    I love the mirror, and cutians

  9. Posted by Leah Potvin Ross, at Reply
    Leah Potvin Ross

    love it

  10. Posted by Gloria Fritts, at Reply
    Gloria Fritts

    that is my kinda room

  11. Posted by Avis Taylor, at Reply
    Avis Taylor


  12. Posted by Luisa Venditti, at Reply
    Luisa Venditti


  13. Posted by Felice Brezsny, at Reply
    Felice Brezsny

    Gracious living.

  14. Posted by Donna Hopper Wilson, at Reply
    Donna Hopper Wilson


  15. Posted by Donna Agrapides, at Reply
    Donna Agrapides

    Very pretty, but the chandelier is a little small for the room…maybe just a bit larger for proportion…

  16. Posted by Sheryl Stone Fowler, at Reply
    Sheryl Stone Fowler

    Love it love it love it….

  17. Posted by Sandra Scarbrough, at Reply
    Sandra Scarbrough

    love this look

  18. Posted by Margaret Drysdale, at Reply
    Margaret Drysdale

    The sofa and flowers blank some of the light from the window and spoil the view.

  19. Posted by Joyce M Jobes, at Reply
    Joyce M Jobes


  20. Posted by Auntie Inezzy Cottman, at Reply
    Auntie Inezzy Cottman

    love this room” all, around it”

  21. Posted by Dorothy Chambers, at Reply
    Dorothy Chambers

    LOVE THIS TOO!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Posted by Charlene Perry Dohmann, at Reply
    Charlene Perry Dohmann

    I wouldn’t like this room without the coral! Crazy…

  23. Posted by Linda Settles, at Reply
    Linda Settles

    Love this room!

  24. Posted by Gail B. Harris, at Reply
    Gail B. Harris

    Might be trying to cover the outside view with the flowers.

  25. Posted by Carm Lovelace, at Reply

    Very elegant.

  26. Posted by Carol Sutcliffe, at Reply

    Very glam x

  27. Posted by Heather Anne Jackson, at Reply
    Heather Anne Jackson

    To austere for me.

  28. Posted by Sid Sturgill Renfro, at Reply
    Sid Sturgill Renfro

    Lovely room…

  29. Posted by Janet Banks, at Reply
    Janet Banks


  30. Posted by Carmen Green, at Reply
    Carmen Green

    i love it 😛

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