Beautiful Backsplashes

Beautiful Backsplashes

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HGTV gives us a photo gallery of some pretty sweet looking backsplashes. Adding a backsplash is a great way to transform your kitchen and give it a whole new look. But knowing what kind of design to choose can be difficult with the variety of  choices out there. If you need to find some inspirational ideas, go through this photo gallery of 15 photos and find one that will work for you.

Beautiful Backsplashes


  1. Posted by Linda Jane Mezzatesta, at Reply
    Linda Jane Mezzatesta


  2. Posted by Linda Jane Mezzatesta, at Reply
    Linda Jane Mezzatesta


  3. Posted by Claudia Johnson, at Reply
    Claudia Johnson

    Totaly agree with Linda.

  4. Posted by Nancy Paulsen, at Reply
    Nancy Paulsen

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  5. Posted by Brenda Behrens, at Reply
    Brenda Behrens

    I think I would like to cook in this kitchen !!!!

  6. Posted by Tonya Sangsajja Horinek, at Reply
    Tonya Sangsajja Horinek

    So pretty!! 🙂

  7. Posted by Jo Ann Adams Yates, at Reply
    Jo Ann Adams Yates

    Love the backsplash, but love the stove more.

  8. Posted by Elizabeth Trottier, at Reply
    Elizabeth Trottier

    Molly I love your posts

  9. Posted by Donna Morton, at Reply
    Donna Morton

    yes love the stove too….

  10. Posted by D'Ann DeLap, at Reply


  11. Posted by Amanda Lidey, at Reply
    Amanda Lidey

    Nice and love the stove also.

  12. Posted by Donna Carr, at Reply
    Donna Carr

    wow so very pretty it is…

  13. Posted by Arlette Howard, at Reply
    Arlette Howard

    LOVE IT.

  14. Posted by Kathy Shipley, at Reply
    Kathy Shipley

    Check this out Liz love the stove the top awesome!

  15. Posted by Vivian Vazquez, at Reply
    Vivian Vazquez

    Love it

  16. Posted by Peggy Ankrum, at Reply
    Peggy Ankrum


  17. Posted by Delilah Jenks, at Reply
    Delilah Jenks

    LOve that!

  18. Posted by Mona Wrisley Roerdanz, at Reply
    Mona Wrisley Roerdanz

    Love to have this Kitchen…

  19. Posted by Angie Battaglieri Fick, at Reply
    Angie Battaglieri Fick

    Gorgeous stove

  20. Posted by Inda Spearman Lattimore, at Reply
    Inda Spearman Lattimore

    So we are all in love with this stove? Yes, count me in I love this stove!!!!!! What brand is this?

    • Posted by Xchoi Hunt, at Reply
      Xchoi Hunt

      It’s a Wolf brand stove. The monogram for their brand is on the end of the handle of the oven nearest the comments.

    • Posted by Xchoi Hunt, at Reply
      Xchoi Hunt

      It’s one of my favorite brands of stove and it’s expensive as heck! :-/

  21. Posted by Caroline Cooper, at Reply
    Caroline Cooper

    Love this whole entire kitchen 🙂

  22. Posted by Valerie Brandenburg, at Reply
    Valerie Brandenburg

    oh to have a stove like that !

  23. Posted by Sharon Desmoulin, at Reply
    Sharon Desmoulin


  24. Posted by Carol Volkmann, at Reply
    Carol Volkmann

    Would love to have this kitchen

  25. Posted by Autumn Lynn Jungman, at Reply
    Autumn Lynn Jungman

    Love It!

  26. Posted by Lilianjosefina Reina, at Reply
    Lilianjosefina Reina

    yo quiero una de estas comole hago!!!!!

  27. Posted by Janice Arnold, at Reply
    Janice Arnold

    Great mantle!!

  28. Posted by Melissa Odden, at Reply
    Melissa Odden

    Katie Holm justin just finished a kitchen exactly lkke this backsplash and all!

  29. Posted by Susan Clausen, at Reply
    Susan Clausen

    Very pretty, but hard to clean!

  30. Posted by Sharon Harris, at Reply
    Sharon Harris

    love stove and backsplash !!

  31. Posted by Nic Nicholson Jr, at Reply
    Nic Nicholson Jr

    I can build that!

  32. Posted by Sandra Kuhn, at Reply
    Sandra Kuhn

    i would like to see a full picture of this

  33. Posted by Lynda Smith-mcpherson, at Reply
    Lynda Smith-mcpherson

    I want it.

  34. Posted by Aouatef Zine, at Reply
    Aouatef Zine

    I like that

  35. Posted by Edna Henson Gartman, at Reply
    Edna Henson Gartman

    Janet Gayle Lowery this is very much like my daughters kitchen,she did her own design on the wall.

  36. Posted by Heiditatiana Paredestejada, at Reply
    Heiditatiana Paredestejada

    Love it!!!

  37. Posted by Peggy Fisher, at Reply
    Peggy Fisher

    so beautiful and if I can afford it, I would definitely be able to afford to have it cleaned also 🙂

  38. Posted by Andrea Mckillen, at Reply
    Andrea Mckillen

    Oh boy do I want this.

  39. Posted by JoanRoe Auntie Nana, at Reply
    JoanRoe Auntie Nana


  40. Posted by Laura Sebourne Romero, at Reply
    Laura Sebourne Romero

    muy bella de verdad

  41. Posted by Chiquita Bello, at Reply
    Chiquita Bello

    Very Pretty Great Job

  42. Posted by Chiquita Bello, at Reply
    Chiquita Bello

    Very Pretty Great Job

  43. Posted by Drema Ramella, at Reply
    Drema Ramella


  44. Posted by Elaine Molyneux, at Reply
    Elaine Molyneux

    Very dated 70s looking

  45. Posted by Linda Heidhoff-Chlubna, at Reply
    Linda Heidhoff-Chlubna

    Love this kitchen and the color of the cabinets.

  46. Posted by Christine Morrow, at Reply
    Christine Morrow


  47. Posted by Charles Helen Smarowsky, at Reply
    Charles Helen Smarowsky

    Beautiful backsplash & cabinets

  48. Posted by Renee Bradberry, at Reply
    Renee Bradberry

    Elegant and beautiful.

  49. Posted by Pamela Smith, at Reply
    Pamela Smith

    very nice!!!!

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