A few Of Our Favorite Photos

This is a mismatch of great photos in this gallery. If you love to look at different styles of homes and different rooms you will love this. Clay Construction features a gallery of living rooms with amazing stone fireplace mantels, bedrooms, kitchens,  and even exteriors of these homes. Just click[…]

8 Simple Halloween Hacks

I hope these aren’t too scary for you. Halloween is just around the corner. Why not get into the spirit. Here are some crazy little Halloween Hack Ideas from DIY Home Sweet Home for you. I like the candle. Just click on the link below:   8 Simple Halloween Hacks

Tips, Tips, and More Tips

Here are 101 tips from DIY Home Sweet Home on a variety of topics from keeping your laundry vent clean from preventing fires to giving your child eye drops. You know how fun that can be? These tips could save you lots of time and some lots of money. Check it out. Just click[…]

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