30 Awesome DIY Ideas

These projects from the folks at will bring out your creative side and are simple projects you can do with family and friends. Getting your hands dirty and creating something is good for the soul. Kids will love doing something with you and be proud of their work. If your[…]

DIY Fireplace Makeover

How about using airstone for your fireplace? If your fireplace mantel is from the 70’s or you just want to update it, check this out from Airstone comes in a couple colors giving you a few options and is a light product to work with. Just click on the[…]

The Best 20 Mug Cake Recipes

Speedy to make, taste delicious, and great for portion control. If you haven’t tried this before then you are missing out on a quick delicious recipe from Whether it is chocolate cinnamon or lemon zesty flavor? Take you pick. Which did you like? Just click on the link below:[…]

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