17 Ways to Get your Porch Ready for Spring

17 Ways to Get your Porch Ready for Spring

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Coast to Coast porches to get ready for spring. Everyone loves to sit out on their porch so comfortable seating is a must. It would be nice if it swung back and forth as well since that is really what you want to do on a porch anyway. If you don’t want a swing, a couple of rocking chairs will do the trick too. If you want a little privacy, a nice stylish curtain will do the trick and will add a personal touch with a little flare. Which porch do you like?

Is your Porch Ready for Spring Yet?


  1. Posted by Cathy Mattingly, at Reply
    Cathy Mattingly

    I wish I could, but people like to steal our stuff that we put on our porch.

  2. Posted by Debbie King Lowry, at Reply
    Debbie King Lowry

    I love it!!

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