Halloween Bedroom. I dare you!

Halloween Bedroom. I dare you!

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Want to make your bedroom part of the Halloween decorating? Check out these 13 bedrooms that carry a Halloween vibe. I’m not sure I would be into it, but maybe you are? If you have guests staying over night, it just might be fun to make that guest room  a little festive for their overnight stay. Why not add a little fun for your guests to experience.

13 Dark Bedrooms With A Subtle Halloween Vibe



  1. Posted by Debbie King Lowry, at Reply
    Debbie King Lowry


  2. Posted by Bobbi Pyles, at Reply
    Bobbi Pyles


  3. Posted by Peggy Fisher, at Reply
    Peggy Fisher


  4. Posted by Elaine Clark, at Reply
    Elaine Clark

    this is very pretty

  5. Posted by Linda LaFrance, at Reply
    Linda LaFrance

    love the walls,fireplace, floors, but not the bed,,,,,lolthat colour is very nice, and pink inside the fireplace,,,,,

  6. Posted by Gail Thompson, at Reply
    Gail Thompson

    beautiful all of it

  7. Posted by Carla Johnson, at Reply
    Carla Johnson

    I love that color

  8. Posted by Lorrie Otto, at Reply
    Lorrie Otto

    It’s so gorgeous!

  9. Posted by Louise Radcliffe, at Reply
    Louise Radcliffe

    SO beautiful awesome color also ! ♥

  10. Posted by Kerran Cannon, at Reply
    Kerran Cannon

    luv it

  11. Posted by Nancy Lee, at Reply
    Nancy Lee

    very pretty, that color is so beautiful and grapey.

  12. Posted by Lorraine Waller, at Reply
    Lorraine Waller

    very goth….

  13. Posted by Leah Potvin Ross, at Reply
    Leah Potvin Ross

    love it

  14. Posted by Ruby Annette Stoy, at Reply
    Ruby Annette Stoy


  15. Posted by Summer Collier, at Reply
    Summer Collier

    Oh…I luv it!!! Luv the colors.

  16. Posted by Angie K Searles, at Reply
    Angie K Searles

    Love the color!

  17. Posted by Ora Kay Meeks, at Reply
    Ora Kay Meeks

    Love the art work

  18. Posted by Carol Ann Bigley-Kraft, at Reply
    Carol Ann Bigley-Kraft

    Wish I could afford it

  19. Posted by Diana Kassem, at Reply
    Diana Kassem

    I love it but I want it in light pink and lavender with blue colors in my room 🙂

  20. Posted by Violet Triska, at Reply
    Violet Triska

    cool erotic colors

  21. Posted by Felice Brezsny, at Reply
    Felice Brezsny


  22. Posted by Debbie Haines Wines, at Reply
    Debbie Haines Wines

    so peaceful

  23. Posted by Zelma Nelson, at Reply
    Zelma Nelson

    I just love it..

  24. Posted by Mimi Merritt, at Reply
    Mimi Merritt

    This is the color of my room

  25. Posted by Kimberly Wilsey, at Reply
    Kimberly Wilsey

    Love this room

  26. Posted by Johanne Racine, at Reply

    This bedroom is spectacular — I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my bedroom for quite some time now but I know exactly how I am going to decorate it now. I love the colors, all the details, the fabrics, the style, all of it. I am absolutely certain that I would walk into my bedroom and immediately feel relaxed, safe, just the perfect room for a couple who needs a romantic room to retire to after a long day. It is magnificent!!! I just can’t wait to fix up my bedroom now and believe me, it won’t be long now since I know exactly what I want. Thank you for showing this magnificent room — you’ve made my day, my month, my year!!!

  27. Posted by Ron Dickey, at Reply
    Ron Dickey


  28. Posted by Darlene Rittley, at Reply
    Darlene Rittley

    My daughter would love this

  29. Posted by Adele R. Biddle, at Reply
    Adele R. Biddle

    My colors! love it

  30. Posted by Ellen Kirkpatrick, at Reply
    Ellen Kirkpatrick


  31. Posted by Katherine Rinehart, at Reply
    Katherine Rinehart


  32. Posted by Sherry Fuentes, at Reply
    Sherry Fuentes

    Jess Smith my jasmine would like this for her room

  33. Posted by Jess Smith, at Reply
    Jess Smith

    Sherry Fuentes I see this for her

  34. Posted by Gretchen VanDusartz, at Reply
    Gretchen VanDusartz

    Kristen Van Ort I totally see this as your future bedroom! So pretty!

  35. Posted by Kristen Van Ort, at Reply
    Kristen Van Ort

    LOVE this!

  36. Posted by Janet West, at Reply
    Janet West

    Brandy West

  37. Posted by John Flores, at Reply
    John Flores

    Anaiz Nunez

  38. Posted by Kathrine Anderson, at Reply
    Kathrine Anderson

    Beautiful purple!

  39. Posted by Bette Hollier, at Reply
    Bette Hollier

    Holloween or teens

  40. Posted by Robin Hoke, at Reply
    Robin Hoke

    It’s beautiful and serene.

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