101 Living Room Decorating Ideas

101 Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Here is a collection of pictures of great living rooms from Southern Living.  Pictured here is a living room where the wall color was picked based off of some comfort food, marshmallows! I enjoy the plate rack that holds family photos, and really like the way all the colors come together to create a calming hang out space.

101 Living Room Decorating Ideas


  1. Posted by Cathy Mattingly, at Reply
    Cathy Mattingly

    I LIKE A LOT!!

  2. Posted by Robbin M Della Torre, at Reply
    Robbin M Della Torre

    like the sofa and chairs

  3. Posted by Terry Gallo Ladis, at Reply
    Terry Gallo Ladis

    what is the color on the walls?.

  4. Posted by Gladys Bonet, at Reply
    Gladys Bonet

    Love the Sofa Color Gorgeous

  5. Posted by Debbie King Lowry, at Reply
    Debbie King Lowry


  6. Posted by Julia Waters, at Reply
    Julia Waters

    Love this a lot

  7. Posted by Kim Galarneau Speceiro, at Reply
    Kim Galarneau Speceiro

    Pretty…. They do not live in California…hint earthquakes

  8. Posted by Robin Lin Lenzo, at Reply
    Robin Lin Lenzo

    I love this!

  9. Posted by Lana Newman, at Reply
    Lana Newman

    love this

  10. Posted by Michele Linamen, at Reply
    Michele Linamen

    Love this!

  11. Posted by Tammy Krummel, at Reply
    Tammy Krummel

    what a warm, inviting area

  12. Posted by Heather Graham Buck, at Reply
    Heather Graham Buck

    this is beautiful!!!!

  13. Posted by Penny Quick Holcomb, at Reply
    Penny Quick Holcomb

    Too busy.

  14. Posted by Joyce Obre, at Reply
    Joyce Obre

    so pretty

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