101 Holiday Decorating Ideas

101 Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Thinking of decorating for the holiday season? Here are 101  Holiday decorating ideas to help you get ready for this holiday season from Country Living.  Spread that holiday cheer with decorating inside and out. The picture above is an absolute beauty with its fresh white flowers and holiday green creating a wintery feel. Of course the fireplace adds the warmth for the holiday season. Check out the rest of the gallery and get ready to decorate!

101 Holiday Decorating Ideas


  1. Posted by Shylah Schaller Blankenship, at Reply
    Shylah Schaller Blankenship

    Love this!

  2. Posted by Donna Austin, at Reply
    Donna Austin

    Love this color scheme of green and silver….Martha Stewart used it on her holiday show many years ago and I fell in love with it then.

  3. Posted by Renee Bradberry, at Reply
    Renee Bradberry

    I just love this amazing and so very beautiful.

  4. Posted by Cecy Duenas, at Reply
    Cecy Duenas

    Very nice I love it

  5. Posted by Judy Baker Wooton, at Reply
    Judy Baker Wooton

    this is beautiful…

  6. Posted by Dorothy Mallard, at Reply
    Dorothy Mallard

    Love it.

  7. Posted by Dorothy Mallard, at Reply
    Dorothy Mallard

    Love it.

  8. Posted by Patricia Louis, at Reply
    Patricia Louis

    OhhhhhhhweGracie Beautiful .

  9. Posted by Nancy Paulsen, at Reply
    Nancy Paulsen

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  10. Posted by Lesa Anderson, at Reply
    Lesa Anderson

    I Love the fireplace and the wood floors !

  11. Posted by Ruby Annette Stoy, at Reply
    Ruby Annette Stoy

    very pretty”

  12. Posted by Cynthia Gregg, at Reply
    Cynthia Gregg

    All we need is the snow!!

  13. Posted by Leslie Puglia, at Reply
    Leslie Puglia

    Love this one!

  14. Posted by Leslie Puglia, at Reply
    Leslie Puglia

    Love this one!

  15. Posted by Renae Rawlins, at Reply
    Renae Rawlins

    I love love love it.

  16. Posted by Charlie Cokeley, at Reply
    Charlie Cokeley

    Pre tty my moms fav. colors

  17. Posted by Charlie Cokeley, at Reply
    Charlie Cokeley

    Pre tty my moms fav. colors

  18. Posted by Ora Kay Meeks, at Reply
    Ora Kay Meeks

    So pretty

  19. Posted by Lori C. Dawson-Levy, at Reply
    Lori C. Dawson-Levy


  20. Posted by Sandra Perdue, at Reply
    Sandra Perdue


  21. Posted by Jeannie Hawley-Bentley, at Reply
    Jeannie Hawley-Bentley


  22. Posted by Giuseppe Corcione, at Reply
    Giuseppe Corcione


  23. Posted by Sandi Edwards Nakoneczny, at Reply
    Sandi Edwards Nakoneczny

    liked and shared

  24. Posted by Randi Nix, at Reply
    Randi Nix


  25. Posted by Mary Toppins, at Reply
    Mary Toppins


  26. Posted by Pat Israel, at Reply
    Pat Israel

    Love it!

  27. Posted by Andrea Tropeano, at Reply
    Andrea Tropeano

    Very pretty understated and classic ! Love the garland on the fireplace !

  28. Posted by Georgiana Sorensen, at Reply
    Georgiana Sorensen

    tree is crooked:-) Beautiful tho——–

  29. Posted by Gloria Ellsworth, at Reply
    Gloria Ellsworth

    So cozy!

  30. Posted by Sarah Harold Jones, at Reply
    Sarah Harold Jones

    Very beautiful, I would love to have my home look like that.

  31. Posted by Bj Jorgensen, at Reply
    Bj Jorgensen

    don’t like the covers on the chairs, looks like white sheets

  32. Posted by Bonnie Jones, at Reply
    Bonnie Jones

    Love this

  33. Posted by Pat Webster Reedy, at Reply
    Pat Webster Reedy

    Just lovely!

  34. Posted by Mary Schultz, at Reply
    Mary Schultz

    Soothes a tired person.

  35. Posted by Jane Ellen DeMitri, at Reply
    Jane Ellen DeMitri

    love it!

  36. Posted by Bessie L. Hadley, at Reply
    Bessie L. Hadley

    this is lovely and you could add a little red and would still look great

  37. Posted by Donna Morton, at Reply
    Donna Morton

    very pretty….

  38. Posted by Pam Moore, at Reply
    Pam Moore

    very nice, wish i had a country home.

  39. Posted by Shirley Adams, at Reply
    Shirley Adams


  40. Posted by Martha Dow, at Reply
    Martha Dow


  41. Posted by Janese Alston, at Reply
    Janese Alston

    I love this. feels homey

  42. Posted by Mary E. Loveridge Cernuto, at Reply
    Mary E. Loveridge Cernuto

    like the fireplace

  43. Posted by Mary Napier, at Reply
    Mary Napier

    Very peaceful and lovely

  44. Posted by FoleyAnne LittonAnderson, at Reply
    FoleyAnne LittonAnderson

    very nice

  45. Posted by Linda Glover, at Reply
    Linda Glover


  46. Posted by Alice Woodward, at Reply
    Alice Woodward

    What a beautiful and festive room. I want a real tree so bad this year. In the past I have had some allergy problems but maybe a small one would be ok!

  47. Posted by Josée Payette, at Reply
    Josée Payette

    This is beautiful!

  48. Posted by Gigi Temp, at Reply
    Gigi Temp

    Exquisite and yet still charming and cozy.

  49. Posted by Ida Rummans, at Reply
    Ida Rummans

    Lovely even somewhat rustic.

  50. Posted by Tina Bennett, at Reply
    Tina Bennett


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