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Celebrity Bedroom Design

Celebrity Bedroom Designs!

From Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, to John Mayer, HGTV features how they design their bedrooms. I love the look of Courtney Cox’s bedroom. Its elegant yet quite simple. The black and white design looks soft and crisp. The bedroom colors on the wall and flooring would make it easy to[...]

23 Tudor Styled Homes

23 Tudor Styled Homes

This gallery from BHG shows us the details that make Tudor styled homes appealing.  As you can see in the picture above, the multi-tiered roof line with the arched windows gives the place some character, and the stone siding gives it a classic aged look.  A lot of the curb[...]

  1. Claire Stockley

    Claire Stockley: Not as nice as

  2. Leslie Boo

    Leslie Boo: Lisa Brown-Warren

  3. Heather Anne Lee

    Heather Anne Lee: Beautiful

  4. Vasti Navarro

    Vasti Navarro: Simply beautiful:)

27 Must Have Features for Your Dream Home

27 Must Have Features for Your Dream Home

Most of us have thought about what we would put into our dream house.  It’s always good to compare with other people, and today we have a fun list of items that could be requirements for most dream homes.  Bathtub by the fire?  Check.  Daybed swing on the porch?  Check.[...]

  1. Heather Anne Lee

    Heather Anne Lee: Awesome

  2. Sandra Longoria

    Sandra Longoria: I want all of it.

  3. Sarah Sheldon

    Sarah Sheldon: I LOVE it all....

  4. Fawn Duncan

    Fawn Duncan: Love the Swing

  5. Vasti Navarro

    Vasti Navarro: My husband does this for a living :)

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Private in home Spa?!?  Yes Please!

Luxury In Home Spa? Yes Please

  Most of us don’t have the space or money to do anything of the sort, but we can dream!  Here is a lower level of a home turned into a private spa.  It features a dry sauna and a wet sauna and a lounge are plus many more features.   [...]

  1. Ella Sabra

    Ella Sabra: WOOooo! Love this. :)

  2. DianayOscar Pena

    DianayOscar Pena: Home sweet home. =)

  3. Debbie King Lowry

    Debbie King Lowry: BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Pat Franklin

    Pat Franklin: Yes Please!

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25 Celebrity Pools - Guess who owns this one!

25 Celebrity Pools – Guess who owns this one!

When it comes to celebrities, they all have different styles, but a house with a fantastic pool is usually a must have.  Check out the different exotic pools, and think which one you would pick if you could.  The one pictured here might surprise you who owns it.  Check out[...]

  1. Anne Livori

    Anne Livori: its me don't tell anyone its a secret

  2. Courtney Rios

    Courtney Rios: Beautiful!!!

  3. Debbie King Lowry

    Debbie King Lowry: Beautiful!!!

  4. Abla Benbessisse

    Abla Benbessisse: a dream like ....!!!

Outdoor Pleasure

How To Buy The Right Outdoor Furniture?

HGTV’s buying guide for outdoor furniture is great for knowing what pieces to look for with the space you have. Outdoor living areas are being used more and more as they are surrounded by the most important element we should all be surrounded by – nature! Make sure you measure[...]

  1. Gladys Bonet

    Gladys Bonet: alojaaaaaa beauty

  2. Debbie King Lowry

    Debbie King Lowry: Very pretty!!!

  3. Abla Benbessisse

    Abla Benbessisse: what happens on a windy...stormy day !!! :D

Kitchen With A Personal Touch

How To Put A Personal Touch On A Kitchen

Cole Residence, Frederick + Frederick Residential Architects puts a personal touch when designing a home for a couple. The photo above is of a spectacular kitchen that is simple yet pleasurable to the eye. I love how the open shelving displays the dishes for easy access and giving the kitchen[...]

  1. Heather Anne Lee

    Heather Anne Lee: Very nice. I could cook in this kitchen .

  2. Debbie King Lowry


  3. Sonia Kaye Carr Nelson

    Sonia Kaye Carr Nelson: I would put something on that range hood.

  4. Marilyn Gomez

    Marilyn Gomez: very nice and i wish this my kitchen

  5. Felice Brezsny

    Felice Brezsny: Too commercial looking.

Elegant Outdoor Living

Elegant Outdoor Living

Surrounds Landscape Architecture + Design specializes in outdoor living designs.  Surrounded by the beautiful greenery, this above photo shows the amazing work these designers can create. Beautiful tile work , an outdoor kitchen with stools to sit at, and a pergola to sit under during the hot summer months.  The[...]

  1. Karen Hanyon

    Karen Hanyon: Beautiful

  2. Kay Lizarraga

    Kay Lizarraga: Beautiful.

  3. Abla Benbessisse

    Abla Benbessisse: incridibly beautiful

19 Great Outdoor Living Rooms

19 Great Outdoor Living Room Ideas

This photo gallery is full of ideas for outdoor living, some of the pictures are of the living spaces, and some of the photos are of products that might make a difference for you.  Pictured here is light colored stone veneered fireplace, in a covered patio.  The furniture is also[...]

  1. Veronica Raines

    Veronica Raines: Love it..(:

  2. Marilyn Gomez


  3. Jessica Lynn Halek-Hooper

    Jessica Lynn Halek-Hooper: I need a place like this to come home too!

  4. Kelly Dow

    Kelly Dow: Gorgeous!!

  5. Heather Anne Lee

    Heather Anne Lee: Beautiful

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